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From the desk of: Brett Dupree
Bellevue, WA
Date: Sunday, 8:34 PM, PST

Maybe you know someone Matt, who is a collection of people I know, with a fake name and circumstances to protect their identity.

The alarm goes off at 6:30 a.m. Matt hits the snooze button. He spends half of the time fighting his desire to stay in bed. He is tells himself how comfortable the bed is and how warm the blankets feel. He tells himself, "No I need to get up and workout."

Matt then hits the snooze button on his alarm. He wakes up at 8:00 a.m. in a panic because he is late for work. All of the promises he made the night before are pushed off until another day because he just doesn't have the time. He eats a toasted pastry because he does not have the time to cook him a healthy breakfast as he gets into traffic.

Once in traffic Matt admonishes himself for not getting up and completing his morning plan when he notices he just got stuck in traffic. He feels like slamming on the horn as he does every morning he is stuck in morning traffic. All of his hours of meditation seem to be doing nothing as he starts to cuss at the jerk in front of him who cuts him off. He gets even more mad when he realizes that all of this stress to get to work on time is for a job that he does not even like

As he rushes into work to not get into trouble, he makes small talk to people he does not even feel connected to. If they dropped off of the planet he wonders if he would even shed a tear. Then he goes into do his eight hours of work. Eight hours of work it is more like one hour of work and seven hours of trying to not get caught wasting time.

After a day of mind numbing work. Matt gets stuck in evening traffic. He thinks it would be a good idea for him to stop at the gym, however then he would have to change his clothes, drive to the gym, open his locker, and deal with the jocks. It feels too overwhelming. Instead Matt decides to stop at the fast food restaurant which is just on the way. While at home Matt can finally numb his pain with pornography, ice cream, television, movies, video games, trashy novels, alcohol, drugs or any other way he can find an escape. He does this same routine Monday through Friday.

It is finally Friday and Matt can celebrate his life by going out and drinking with some people who he calls friends. Maybe tonight he can finally meet a woman. Even though his last girlfriend was just like the previous girlfriend with a different name and face, maybe this time will be different. He parties really hard on Friday night and Saturday to ease his suffering and then wastes away on Sunday to recover in time to restart the routine next week.

Matt repeats this routine with little breaks in between, like vacations and local events. He then wakes up one morning and realizes that its seven years later. He notices how his life has been nothing but the same routine and he is the same miserable person he was seven years ago. He sighs as he looks at himself in the mirror and wonders how he just let life slip by him. He watched The Secret and everything. Even his marriage and kids were just a temporary solution to the bigger problem. The problem he realizes was the fact that he didn't really know what he wanted out of life. All he did was float around trying to fill the numbness in his soul, looking for something new every time the thing he just tried failed. Matt then takes a shower to start the routine over again and decides he is going to buy a sports car.

Are you feeling stuck?

You are not alone. I have met many people like Matt over the years. Furthermore, they typically share many of the same characteristics. See if any below statements apply to you:

Red Tick

You are living your life without direction and taking things as they come.

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You are not feeling joyful the majority of the time.

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You spend most of your time finding ways to just fill time. You feel like most of the time you do not do anything of value and are just wasting time.

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You spend most of your time focused on everything that is bad in your life. You do not understand why everything keeps piling up Even when something good happens, the happiness is fleeting

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You have amazing ideas of what you want to do in your life, however you never actually start. You are focusing on why chasing your dreams or going to the gym is too much work and a bad idea rather than focusing on how you can accomplish what you want.

If you said "yes" to any of these statements, then this is your lucky day! I have the solution for you, FOR FREE. Here is what people who have read Increase Your Joy! are saying.
Brett, I LOVE LOVE LOVE your book, immediately printed it off, sat down with pen and highlighter and went crazy, I wrote my intentions and have an intention buddy. Thank you so much for this gift, you did a fabulous job!!!!
-Janet C
Thank you for sharing "Increase Your Joy!", a very amazing creation and I so appreciate you sharing it. Wow you are a gifted writer and a reflection of the depth of your being.
-Russell H.
Bravo, my friend! What an easy to read, to the point and wonderfully powerful book! I can't wait to share it with others!
-Carla G.
I enjoyed your e-book on intentions and joy very much; thank you for showing your creative spirit to the world!
-Janet H.
Congratulations on your e-book! What an awesome feat! You did an amazing job and I was touched by the content of your work. Thank you for sharing it. Your words have me feeling inspired to continue to connect with the manifestation process. It's something that I already believe so strongly in. Your work invigorates it for me, giving it a renewed place of importance. I love joyful inspirations
-Kristie K.

But first..
"I Know What You're Going Through Because I Was Headed Towards A Wasted Life Until.."

Years ago I was a person who just left life push me around. I did not know what I wanted. I assumed I would marry the first woman that decided to love me and we would have children.

As sad as that sounds my life didn't even work out that well. Instead I was stuck living in a prison of my own fears. I couldn't find a job in my profession because I just didn't put the time into learning how to find a job. I just hoped my life would work out without knowing exactly what I wanted.

I finally decided to change my life and got my hands on everything I could. I read, listened to audio books and went to seminars. I was seeing some results in my life, however things were not clicking.

Then I joined an intention circle and started to marvel people in the ways I wrote intentions. When I would write down my intentions I noticed that things in my life started falling into place. I now know where I want to go in life. For the first time ever I was excited for the future. I wake up every morning with a feeling of joy. Even when things do not go my way I am able to bounce back and learn from the situation just like I intended. Life is a roller coaster and with writing joyous intentions I am able to have more ups and enjoy the downs much more.

I am very appreciative that I have discovered the power of writing joyous intentions and I am so excited to share the process with you.

Does this sound like something you want? Well stay tuned because what I am sharing with you will change your life!

Did you know...

Most People Live Their Lives Believing They Are Powerless Victims of Circumstance And Many Others Struggle to Put The Law Of Attraction Into Action

It is painful that most people die with their music still left in them. When most people are children they have all their dreams ahead of them, however they let life take them away. They spend their time blaming others for their unsuccessful lives instead of taking control and succeeding. They spend all that time spent wishing for things to get better without ever actually doing anything about it.

People fail to manifest the life they want because they...

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Unconsciously make intentions. They are letting their unconscious mind set their intentions each and every day. The unconscious part of the mind will set intentions based on the stimulus that happened in the past. They will be doing the same thing everyday and hoping for different results.

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Wish for something better without acting. They learn about the Law of Attraction and believe it is a genie who grants their wishes. All they have to do is set their intention and sit and wait for good things to come. They will never come.

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Always chasing the carrot. They are always looking for something else to make them happy. Once they reach a goal they realize that the goal will not make them happy so they move onto the next goal. They are constantly living like a mule chasing the carrot and yet realizing every time they reach the carrot it was not as good as they thought it would be.

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Believe in "no pain, no gain. They believe that the only way to succeed is to go through pain. They even go so far as to create pain when they want to go through change. Transformation cannot be joyful if they believe that they have to create pain to transform.

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Focused on what they do not want. The more they focus on what they do not want, the more they attract what they do not want. They are constantly complaining which is creating more things to complain about.
If you said, "Hey, I do that!" to any of the above, I have some bad news for you.

You are already on your way to living a frustrating life where you look back and wonder where all the time went.

But (and this is a really important "but") IT'S NOT YOUR FAULT. How would you know? There is not a handbook to life. Chances are it was how you were raise, how your parents were raised and how their parents were raised. You were just working with the ineffective tool set that you currently have. How are you supposed to know how to put everything together?

Unless someone provides you tool that will change your life!

Important: If you want to be among the people who manifest what they desire and do so with joy, then read what I'm about to tell you very carefully...
I am about to give you a taste of what can change your life. This is pure gold and will change your life forever.

Are you ready?...
Here it is...The Proven Formula to getting your life on track and experiencing the freedom that is your birthright

Joyous Intentions -> Acting from Inspiration -> Joyous Life Beyond Your Imagination

That's it! With this simple tool in your toolbox you will be living the life you desired.

Writing what you want in a way that makes you feel happy will align yourself with what you desire and program your brain for success. You will be associating what you want with feeling good. You will be leaving the rat race behind with the tools that are used to shape Universes.

Before you read any further I want you to stop and ask yourself two questions right now.

Do I want to stay the way I am?
How am I going to change my direction?

Just like in Back to the Future II, you have been given a gift that will allow you to change your future. I am giving you this nugget right out of the box because it is important to me that you change your life. Too many people are living like zombies and I want to help change the world into one of compassion and joy.

Let Me Reveal the ULTIMATE FREE eBook ($47 value) that will change your life in 7 EASY steps...
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  • Learn the power of your words. (page 5)
  • Understand how intentions are like prayers (page 5)
  • Basic steps of the Law of Attraction (page 6)
  • The importance of action (page 6)
  • How intentions program your mind (page 7)
  • Power and importance of your unconscious mind (page 7)
  • Difference between outer and inner intentions (page 9)
  • Steps on how to write amazing intentions (page 10)
  • Juice up your intentions even more (page 13)
  • Letting go to a higher intelligence (page 14)
  • Increasing the joy of your intention even more! (page 15)
  • How to make sure your intention manifests (page 17)
  • Power of the inner core intention (page 18)
  • How to write intentions for how you want to live your life (page 20)
  • Tips on writing intentions (page 21)
  • What to do after writing your intention (page 22)

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